“What would happen if energy suddenly became free, clean and inexhaustible?”

The answers may be surprising.  What sounds like a dream come true may in fact have dire consequences.  Some serious issues are broached regarding how our society and institutions cope with an abrupt and shocking change.  The story is a fast-paced thriller with gripping and accurate details colored with some dark humor.  The plot twists and story lines are intertwined and surprising.  In the end, they are reaffirming.  It’s a fun read!

The fast paced story employs a scientific credibility to the central solution .  There are themes presented with which most Americans can relate.  Excitement over ‘the answer’, a cynicism of politicians, trust/mistrust of government and reactions to the hyperactive media are laced throughout the novel.  It speaks to our wistful sense of escapism from the crushing effects of environmental catastrophe and the inevitability of the economic status quo with a revolutionary ‘magic pill’, but is it really worth it? 

A brilliant university professor/inventor discovers a new, clean, limitless energy source and its effects on everyday life.  Her naïve understanding of how her work will be automatically embraced by the world is amplified by her ego and past successes.  Her beliefs and very life are threatened as those vested in the current energy paradigm circle the globe trying to stop or control what she has done.  Oil, government, military, industry, energy producers of all kinds are threatened.  She grows personally with the support of an old friend who is wrestling with internal violent demons of his own.  Other key characters represent the various points of view facing the world-altering transformations.  Politics, science, morality, pragmatism…these views are expressed to help explain why things may be the way they are…or how they could become.