Dr. Dorothy Baker, PhD
Born 2/9/1969 in Raleigh, NC
Director of Materials Science Laboratory, North Carolina State University
Holder of five patents, including Magmar. Best known as the developer of gravity technology.
Mr. Marcus Deverette
Born 8/21/1962 in San Francisco, CA
CEO of Environmental Guardian Corporation
Manages family trust and sits on numerous corporate boards and environmental charities

Dr. Richard Lewis, PhD
Born 4/9/1969 in Raleigh, NC
Professor of European History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Published author of several non-fiction texts and biographies
Avid gardener and shooting enthusiast

Mr. Abdul Al Zafir
Born 2/15/1972 in Ramallah, West Bank
Director of OPEC Sub-Committee on Pricing and executive officer for Sheikh Sa-Alm Faoud
Connoisseur of fine wine, gourmet foods and has a taste for custom tailored Savile Row suits
Fluent in Arabic, English and Spanish